We provide a multitude of pool services. If you do not see the service you are in need of, please feel free to contact us at (732)330-4714 and we would be happy to help. Pool service prices vary from pool to pool depending on size and chemical needs. We provide each customer with a FREE estimate to figure out exact pricing.


With an opening, we will remove the cover, install the diving board, ladders, and railings, vacuum, skim, and brush the pool, scrub the skimmers, steps, and anything white, start up the filter, test the water, and add in chemicals.

Above-ground Openings: $175

In-ground Opening: $250


With a closing, we will give the pool a final vacuum, remove the diving board, ladders, and rails, winterize the lines, shut down filter systems, test the water, add in chemicals, and install the cover for the winter.

Above-ground Closings: $175

In-ground Closings: $250


When we provide weekly services, we vacuum and skim the pool, brush the top of the liner, empty skimmer baskets, empty Polaris (if applicable), ensure heater is functioning properly (if applicable), test the water levels, and add in necessary chemicals.

Above-ground Weekly Service: $60

In-ground Weekly: $75

Service Call: $100

*All prices are NOT including the price of chemicals. Please call us at (732)330-4714 for an estimate.